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I have taught mindfulness and meditation in Buddhist contexts for twenty years and as secular practices since 2018. My main interest is in mindfulness as a resource for working with stress and anxiety and reducing their influence over our lives. My own experience has taught me about the erosion of life quality caused by anxiety and too much stress, but also about the effectiveness of mindfulness techniques in building resilience, nurturing calmness, re-establishing an appreciation of life that can lead to greater flourishing. 

I first came across mindfulness meditation at the West London Buddhist Centre in 1999 and have endeavoured to practice it ever since. I was impressed by Buddhist teachings and became a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2005. Since then I have taught at the West London Buddhist Centre (WLBC), and led retreats and weekends throughout the UK. For four years I was the main teacher of a meditation group in Ealing, West London, set up as an outreach project by the WLBC. Wishing to teach mindfulness as a professional in secular contexts I began training with Breathworks in October 2018 and gained accreditation in March 2022. 

In my working life I have been an English teacher, writer/editor in educational publishing, charity shop worker, librarian, bookkeeper and office assistant. From 2014 to 2023 I was poetry editor of the arts magazine Urthona. These days, I concentrate on teaching mindfulness and running mindfulness-centred creative writing classes. Based in South London, I deliver events in person throughout the UK as well as online from home.

My own interests include literature, music, theatre, visual arts, films, walking, historical buildings and, lately, swimming.

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Qualifications and experience

2022 - Present

Accredited as mindfulness teacher by Breathworks


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